Hello! Here are some of the changes made over the last few days which you should probably know about!

  1. Donators can now use all the virtual chests. Which means Lapis donors can use chests /v c 1 and Emerald Donors can use chests /v c 1 to /v c 18
  2. Town residents are supposed to get virtual workbenches, enchantment tables and brewing stands, but further discussion is needed to fully determine whether to make that a donor perk or not.
  3. To tackle the x-raying issue, we have decided to use an anti-xray plugin. This plugin is not perfect, which means, sometimes it will show fake ores where there are not any. I am working to fix the issue with the fake ores showing up, so a solution will be in shortly. Please don't leave /pe's telling us about the fake ores as we are aware of them!
Well that is all for now! I hope you guys had a great holiday week and new years eve!
Happy crafting! ;)
On behalf of all the players and staff of Blockville​

and a prosperous 2013 for everyone!


Credits: Vegas2K​
Credits: Furq​
Credits: Furq​
Credits: Brendanmills​
Hello Blockville!

This is just a post reminding you that our new design is now launched!
All your old forum posts are still there, so we haven't deleted anything.

This page will now link to the Announcements forum under the forums link above.
I will post ALL announcements here instead of sending out emails. So make sure to keep checking in here at www.blockville.net to keep yourself updated on plugin news, server updates, patch notes, etc etc.