Check out our new server promo video that we've just finished editing and let us know what you think about it in the area below!​
Melon Insider Cherryville Biomes!
Cherryville features many unique biomes!

So sorry for delaying this months top voters! Here they are at last! Congrats to cld1665 on winning a $30 coupon to use in the store!

Top Voter (Winner of $30 Store Credit!)

Top Mentions
[​IMG] direjoker
[​IMG] shlabu
[​IMG] obu12345
[​IMG] Synistrr
[​IMG] Crescent_Wave
[​IMG] ilonoxip
[​IMG] Bettobrad
[​IMG] Tortle432
[​IMG] chanceinhell2000

Congrats to all the voters! Vote counts have been reset for the month of October! Good luck!​

On 9/5/2016 at 3:45am US CST the plot data for the Creative was corrupted.
Due to the corruption we had to reset the Creative map!

A Map Download of the old map will be available soon, so stay tuned!

We're sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you!

As always if you have any questions, leave them below!

We are sorry about the wait for the announcement, we have been very busy! Congratulations to the three top builds for the Creative spawn build contest!​

Third place winner is: Littlesguid

$30 store credit

Second place winner is: Oll_97

$50 store credit

and finally, the winner of the spawn build contest is....
Diamond Rank for anyone + $30 store credit


Congratulations once again to the three top builds and thank you to all the entries!​
Hi, this is just a quick announcement that the announcement of the winners of the creative spawn design competition has been delayed until the end of 29th! We're sorry for any inconvenience caused!
Melon Insider We were hacked!
At roughly 9am on 6/25/2016 an amateur hacker bypassed our server security via a compromised staff account to grief the server. Here is a list of what he did:
  • Banned some staff
  • Banned some innocent players
  • Set player balances to 0
  • Gave everyone on the server millions of dollars
  • Teleported players to spawn, and smited them
  • Used a hacked/modded client to majorly damage the server
  • Used worldedit to spawn lava sphere, and air sphere to grief towns, skyblock islands, and server spawns
As far as we're aware, no player accounts (donations, passwords, etc) were compromised, which is good. The hacker merely used a hijacked account to access the server. We're back to our normal levels of server functionality, but if you see/hear/experience anything thats out of place, dont hesitate to leave a ticket!

If you have any questions/concerns, let us know below!

Happy mining!
We have lost the control of the server currently. You need to remain off the server right now and wait until further notice to keep your account safe.
Announcement SkyBlock Economy...

Recently we've received a lot of complaints from players on SkyBlock (Skytopia) about how difficult it is to make money and tier up. Most of the time resources (ores, farmables, mob-drops) become stocked on islands with no use for them! Since making money is somewhat hard right now, and since there is so much material on islands, we've added a sign shop to SkyBlock!

Adding signshops to SkyBlock not only makes it easy to make more money, it makes it VERY easy to make a LOT MORE money, to adjust for that, we've increased the price of Tiers! This should make it the same difficulty as it was before we added the signshops!

Let us know if you have any questions/opinions about the change below!