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    Factions is a basic gameplay in the raw idea of what to do. The main idea is to join/create a faction, build a faction base,and raid other people's faction bases to gain loot and power.

    So some of the commands you will need to do will show up if you type /f help (page #)
    so to create a faction your on you do /f create (name)
    To join a faction, have a faction leader invite you to the faction and do /f join (faction name) after they invite you. You can also leave a faction by doing /f leave 2017-08-07_17.03.35w.png
    If you are the leader of a faction you can invite people and uninvite people with the commands /f invite (name)
    and /f deinvite (name). You can also change your faction to open were a player does not require an invite to join the faction with /f open (yes/no).
    Also if you are the leader of the faction you can set you faction's home spawn by typing /f sethome

    On the factions server you also have the option to get extra rewards for being a donator and typing /donate
    and picking the rank you want to purchase...


    or by voting in which you type /vote and click on all three websites to vote on to gain keys for crate rewards.
    Once you have voted on all three websites you can type /claimreward to get your keys and you have to type that once for every website you voted on.
    The key crates can be located at /spawn and if you ever have any question type /report to place a ticket for staff members to see and answer.
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